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Breast Asymmetry Correction

Most women have some degree of breast asymmetry; however, in the majority this does not normally warrant surgical intervention as it does not affect them or they may not be aware of its presence.

Nonetheless in some patients the asymmetry affecting their breasts is such that it may impact on their ability to fit a bra, wear a dress; or even they may become aware that other women are looking at them whilst changing in the gym or in the case of teenagers, there may be peer pressure at school; which may cause a degree of psychological imbalance to the individual in the long term.

Breast-Asymmetry-CorrectionThe correction of breast asymmetry requires the expertise of an experienced consultant in order to ascertain what the patient is aspiring to achieve; and what are their expectations. Having established this information, the next step would be to discuss the surgical options available. These surgical options may include; a one or a two stage surgery.

The one stage technique may involve a breast reduction on the bigger breast, this in my 13 years experience as a consultant is more likely to be in females in the age group 30 years or more, and following having had children. Breast reduction of both breasts is also a possibility; albeit not that common a route to take in the majority of significantly asymmetrical breast patients. The other treatment pathway may also involve asymmetrical breast enlargement with or without a mastopexy (breast uplift).

The two stage surgery, in my opinion; is a more dynamic technique and is likely to be more suited to those of younger age. I find in the majority of females less than age 30 years; they tend to favour the larger breast; and wish to either match it or enlarge it further. The first stage would involve the insertion of an expandable breast implant, in either or both breasts. This may be replaced with silicone breast implants, with or without mastopexy (breast uplift).

Fat transfer (Lipo-filling, Lipo-modeling), is another technique offered to correct breast asymmetry. The benefit of this technique is the use of your own fat, if available, in building the smaller breast. This include 2-3 stages to achieve the outcome desired, in some patients the use of an external expansion device for a number of weeks pre-operatively is advisable. Lipo-filling can also be used as an adjunctive procedure to supplement breast implants surgery.

Following many years of experience in performing balancing surgery for breast asymmetry I find that it is rewarding both to me as a surgeon and most importantly the patient. It gives, in the majority of patients the confidence which they have lost; this is apparent from their first post-operative visit.

The surgery is carried out at an accredited hospital under a general anaesthetic; the hospital stay is 1-2 nights. The dressings are removed and the dissolvable stitches are trimmed after 10-12 days. The anticipated recovery in most patients is 3-4 weeks.

Pain requirements vary between individuals; however most patients find the pain limited and can be well controlled with appropriate pain control tablets over the first few days after surgery.

For further information regarding the surgery, options, the benefits, potential risks and complications, kindly make an appointment to these discuss further.